Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am not a member of Christ the Way Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Will I still receive a charitable receipt for any tithes or offerings I submit?

The short answer is, “yes.” The longer answer is that we can only do so if you provide us correct details on who you are and where you live so we can mail you the receipt  in the first quarter of the next year.  The most convenient way to do this is via our  Adventist Giving platform. For other methods, see Ways To Give

2. How are my donations allocated if I don’t specify such on the envelope slip provided?

If we receive a donation in an envelope where the monies have not been allocated between tithes and the various offerings, we will attempt to contact you to determine your wishes.  If we do not receive a response or are otherwise unable to reach you, any unallocated funds will be directed to our Local Church Budget (our operating fund).

Having said the above, we encourage you to be prayerful in your giving and to give funds to those areas of the ministry to which you are being called to give.  Please take the time to provide this information based on the Ways To Give page

3. What do you do with the loose funds that are placed in the collection plate during the main service?

It depends.  Loose money (money not in an envelope) placed in the collection plate during the main service is distributed in accordance with an offering schedule set out by the church conference.  The schedule typically varies between the Local Church Budget (what we operate locally on) and the Alberta Conference.  Once a month (and sometime twice when there are 5 Sabbaths in a month), monies are directed to other Canadian, North American, or World ministries.

View the Alberta Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Offering Calendar 


4. What do you do with the money I give for the collection that is made during the Sabbath School lesson?

At present these monies are redirected to the North American Division’s Sabbath School Ministries fund.  If you want to contribute to our local church Sabbath School program, the best way do so is to place those funds in an envelope, write in “Sabbath School” under the “Local Church Budget” heading and include the amount.


5. Can I give my tithes or offerings in another currency?

Unfortunately, we can only accept donations in Canadian or American funds.  We prefer receiving in Canadian funds as this means there is less administration for us.


6. I would like to donate to another organization that does not have charitable status, but would like to receive a tax deduction for the donation.  Can I donate funds to the church  and direct that those funds be reallocated for such a purpose?

No, this is not possible.  In accordance with the rules that govern charitable organizations in Canada, funds can only be transferred to  qualified donees.


7. I have been approved for reimbursement of expenses.  How do I go about submitting the appropriate paperwork?

Download the expense form as an editable spreadsheet or as a locked PDF file.  Please tape or glue your receipts to 3 hole punched paper and submit them along with the expense form.  Please do not staple your receipts together.

All requests for reimbursement require that an expense form be completed and signed by two persons along with the appropriate receipts attached and submitted to the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer.  Signatures that must be affixed to the expense form are those of the person seeking reimbursement and that of the ministry leader responsible for the cost center associated to the expense.  When it is the ministry leader that is incurring the cost and seeking reimbursement, it shall be then the responsible elder who affixes his/ her signature approving the expense.  If it is an elder incurring the expense, another elder must sign off on the request.   Reimbursement will be made upon the completion of the processing at a later date.

Ministry leaders and elders should be cognizant of the budget categories associated to their respective areas of oversight. In addition to their signature, leaders and elders need to ensure that the expenses they’re signing off on are properly marked. If an expense form contains expense items that fall to another area I would recommend that that respective leader or elder sign off on that expense as well so it will be accurately allocated



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  2. NAD Local Church and School Accounting Manual (Updated 2011)

Your offerings designated towards "Local church budget" provide direct support to Christ The Way Seventh-day Adventist Church ministries and initiatives.  



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