Published: December 29, 2019      Updated: January 17, 2020


Worship Program

for Sabbath, January 18, 2020.  Updated weekly by Friday.

9:30 am ~ Prayer Service

10:00 am ~ Sabbath Divine Service

Welcome and Praise - Men’s Quartet
Congregational Prayer -  Joe Yaceyko
Children's Story - Pastor John Murley
Offering - Local Church Budget
Scripture Reading -  Isaiah 29:13, 14
Sermon -  “Blind Guides & Hypocrites” - Pastor John Murley

Closing Song 
Benediction - Pastor John Murley
Announcements - Joe Yaceyko

11:15 am ~ Tea Time
11:30 am ~ Sabbath School


Welcome / Opening Remarks - Cindy Yaceyko
Mission Video
Bible Study - Daniel “From Mystery to Revelation” (Lesson 3)

Closing Prayer - Cindy Yaceyko

Fellowship Luncheon


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The Fellowship Luncheon

schedule is presented below

  • January 18 Lasagna/ Pasta /Salads
  • January 25 Home Fellowship (Members are encourage to invite someone home for lunch)

Children’s Activity Bags

are available for sign out at the Welcome Table. These bags are a great way to help kids be quiet in church and still participate in worship and learning. Please remember to return the bags following the service.


Children's Protection Seminar

will be held this Sabbath, January 18, 2020 following the Fellowship Luncheon in the upstairs loft of the Church.  The presenter will be Pastor John Murley.  It is imperative that all Children’s Sabbath School leaders attend, but the seminar is open to all who are interested.  The presentation is expected to be about 1 hour in length.


Church Volunteer Training

will take place this Sunday, January 19, 2020 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at 4107 - 99 Street NW.  If you have accepted a position for the 2020-2021 term, please know that you are very much appreciated.  Thank you for volunteering your services and God given talents to work within our Church.  This Sabbath, January 18, 2020, you will receive a training manual specific for your position.  Pastor Lawel would like to meet with you for two hours on Sunday morning to review the Manuel and to provide you with information and training.


Prayer Meeting

Prayer meetings will continue on Wednesdays at 7 pm at a new location : 4107 - 99 Street NW.  Come out for one hour of singing, prayer and Bible study in the book of Genesis.


2020 Women’s Ministry Retreat

Save the date!  The retreat is taking place on April 17-19, 2020 at the Cambridge Hotel in Red Deer, AB. The theme of the weekend will be "Better Together" with guest speaker Dilys Brooks, Chaplain at Loma Linda University. This will be an exceptionally spiritual weekend, and many women will be blessed.



Sunset tonight at 4:46 pm.