What would you do if someone died to save you?

You may think that the chances of something like someone dying to save you as being next to nil.  You may have even already dismissed the question, but what if it was true?  Take two seconds... just two seconds, to consider the depth of gratitude you might feel, especially if this Person did it for you in advance of you ever knowing Him.

Aside from the enormity of the proposition, the question that arises is "What would you do?"  If you could "wrap your head" around the fact that His death was a result of His love for you, would you consider living  a life that might honor Him?  Would you tell anyone?  If the knowledge of what He did for you would benefit others, would you tell them?  Would you help them?

What would you do if Someone died to save you?


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1. Bible Study Guide, 3rd Quarter, Lesson 10 - “Living the Gospel",  at https://ssnet.org/lessons/19c/less10.htm


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that, "... this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent." - John 17:3