A Man of Prayer

Who among us is not able to enjoy the beautiful tones that ring true when our children express their love to us?  You might imagine that it might be the same thing for God when we approach Him with sincere prayer of thanksgiving and praise. 

While it is true that we will always be reliant on God for everything, who can argue against prayer that seeks God to know Him and His will, versus that prayer that seeks instead, what God might do.  Who among has not heard the enticement to simply claim His promises as if God were some sort of blessing dispenser?  We'll miss the point if we do. 

Enter a relationship with God.  There can be nothing like it and in it, is life as it was intended, in all its fullness and joy.

This week join us as we study the lesson entitled, "Nehemiah", Nehemiah's prayers and how God worked through him to fulfill His promises.




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