Don't Be a Ham

Genesis 6:9 tells us that "Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God."  You would think upon reading that that Noah was did no wrong, but we know from the Bible that even Noah was conquered by what he should have had dominion over. So going back to the verse, how could it be that He was blameless?  This is where God comes in.

Despite his shortcomings, Noah submitted to God. It was because of that that Noah found grace in the Lord.  How profound! Think about it.... even if you mess up, you are still perfect in Him.  When Noah fell, God was there and had Noah in His hands all the while.  Contrast that to Ham, who when finding his father drunk and naked, decided to tell his brothers.

We all fall, some of us more visibly than others, but here's something to keep in mind:  By criticizing someone God has blessed, even in the midst of their failings, we risk setting ourselves up for the greatest curse in our lives.  Ham found this out first hand.

Listen to Pastor Lawel speak the Word in the sermon entitled, Don’t Be A Ham.  The video starts well in the sermon as we had equipment problems that day, but you’ll still be blessed from the 27 minutes that remain.