Christ's Robe of Righteousness

If there's one thing Satan does not lie about it is the details of our sins when accusing us before God. All his accusations all true and we stand guilty as charged. It is these sins that affect not only our relationship with God, but how we see ourselves.

What was the first thing that changed when Adam and Eve sinned? It was the way they saw themselves. Suddenly they were embarrassed when really nothing physical had changed that would be a cause for their embarrassment. Sin had impressed upon them that they were something less than they were. This is not however, how God saw them then or how He sees us now. If anything, His desire is for us to recall, or if we never knew, to come to know, that we are royal Princes and Princesses who He has invited to come sit with Him on His throne. How is it that He loves us as much as He does when we've done so much to separate ourselves from Him! Thankfully, it's not about us, but all about Him.

Listen to Pastor Ian Hartley speak God's Word to us in his sermon titled, "Christ's Robe of Righteousness."

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