Blinded by the Light

The story of Saul and his conversion (after which he was then called Paul) should set the tone for how Christians today approach those who do not believe.  We could focus on the strength of Paul's arguments or even step further back and point to his education prior to his conversion, as necessary to the effectiveness of his ministry, but perhaps there's more to it than that.   Consider that Paul, in approaching others considered himself less, and both understood and lived the grace that had been afforded him through Jesus.  Consider what Paul had to undergo to have his world view significantly altered. Consider the role of the Christian church, or more specifically, Ananias of Damascus, in doing his part to bring the Christian world's greatest real threat to the foot of the cross.

Consider how we as Christians might be called to serve that very person who is most critical and abusive of our faith so that he or she might one day stand taller than the rest of us to proclaim the truth of Jesus.

Listen to guest speaker Nicole Kostrosky-Wareham, from our sister church at Abundant Life speak to us her sermon titled, "Blinded by the Light".


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