Here I am, Lord

Few will ever attain to Paul's efficacy in spreading the gospel, but all of us clearly have the potential to serve as Ananias did that day of Paul's (formerly Saul) baptism.  God's ask of Ananias must have seemed from outset daunting, the fear gripping as news of Saul's relentless pursuit to cut down followers of Jesus would have preceded the vision. Despite his fears, Ananias proved faithful.
The key to serving as Ananias did comes to us in the first part of Acts 9:10-19 where it reads, "Now there was a certain disciple at Damascus named Ananias..." There it is! Ananias was a disciple first... something more than just a student. He had more than a head knowledge of the truth, he lived it! Ananias, like the other disciples in the Bible, had already been imitating the life and teaching of Jesus, prior to ever being into real service. When God did eventually call, they knew His voice.
There are many evils that confronts us in the world, yet... let us today, resolve to first know His voice.
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