Come now, let us reason

We live in a world immersed in arguments for and against. On many issues we will never have all the information we need to the satisfaction of opposing viewpoints. They see us much like we may see them... stubborn, unmovable. How is one to know the truth and when presented it, desire it when it requires we value another world view than what we currently subscribe to?

Jesus invites all to, "Come now, let us reason..." and provides us Truth in His Word to apply in our own lives. This means more than reading through the Bible to pull out excerpts to support our own world view, but requires a prayerful read of the Word, to have Him reveal to us that which we are prepared to receive.

This is the great controversy, the fight for acceptance of the Truth when the lie is that we can, on our own, make for our own utopia . It is a fight for our lives in that we ultimately will be found to either desire a lie or face a truth that would have us rethink everything we know about ourselves in light of His plan for the world. Only Christianity presents this as the reason for our present state, with much of what we see being a distraction from the real and present danger. Only Christianity provides a Savior who came down from His heavenly home, presented Himself as the perfect sacrifice and rose to promise his return. Only Jesus provides a hope for all regardless of their position in life or their past actions.

"[... do not be anxious about your life..., but] seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you." - Math 6:25-33



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