Calling the called

This is specifically for the members and those who regularly attend Christ The Way Seventh-day Adventist Church and those feeling a call to serve in the ministry of spreading the good news of Jesus.

The time for our nominating committee to meet is upon us and important decisions need to be made that will affect us for the next year. After the leaders have been selected they then will be reaching out to the church body for assistance.

What is your calling? Do you have talent that might be used in our worship of Him? Do you have some "mad skills" that might help the Church move forward its ministry to the community? Whatever level of service you have to offer, we need you. If God has given you a talent, regardless of what it is, be prayerful over these next couple of day and let us know if you can help.

Let's be clear here. There's a difference between a calling and feeling guilty about not utilizing a talent for the Church. We're looking for the former... and know this, we're not looking just for your talent, we'd like you to become part of our family. Spend some time in prayer today and please consider reaching out to us to let us know you'd like to help us serve Him who rules above all and those He loves. Consider how He inevitably blesses those who love and serve Him.

Contact us via our form at or by email at