What if anything can we claim as our own? Is not everything provided to us as a gift from God? There are many, both in the world and among our own, that cling to what we obtain through our own physical and mental faculties. Our degrees, our jobs, our possessions, even who we associate with... they define us, often elevating our sense of self and of each other, yet it is, at that very moment, that we are imprisoned.

What does it look like to not be ensnared by these false paradigms? Come join us tomorrow as Melvin Bartley from Burman University talks to us about what a purpose driven, Spirit led life looks like, in "Prepare to Be Moved."

Worship service is Saturday at 10:00AM at Christ The Way Seventh-day Adventist Church held in the South Pointe Community Center at 11520 Ellerslie Rd. SW, Edmonton, AB.
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