Bible Studies

Published: September 6, 2021      Updated: September 6, 2021


We're all about sola scriptura which means that the Bible is the sole source for our faith and transformation in our walk with God our Father.


Sabbath School

Sabbath school is a time after the worship service where we study curated lessons on the Christian journey and applying scriptures to our daily life. Discussions are relevant, real, and up close for those want more than to just express their own truth, but rather to seek what God says through His Word.  We have adult Sabbath school sessions and number of sessions designed for children ages 0-14.  Download the adult Sabbath School lesson app on Android or IOS.


Wednesday Night Bible Studies

A mid-week small group session to dive further into scriptures, often focusing on a select book of the bible.


Personal Bible Studies

We offer personal Bible studies using a proven method of instruction. We'll meet with you to discuss the fundamentals of faith and what concerns you most.  The studies allow you first to review materials own your own and then meet with us to discuss any questions you may have.  At the end of each meeting you'll be provided additional material for the following week to review in advance. 

Meetings are short, to the point, and are intended to provide information in "bite size chunks".  Our mission is that you will experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ.  How you respond to Him is up to you, but we do want you to know He is very deeply interested in you.  If having Bible study is something you'd like, please contact us here and our pastoral team will make the time for you.